Youth challenge UPF bomb plant

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May 5, 2015 No Comments ›› orepa

A letter from OREPA’s Youth Action Planning Committee to the Uranium Processing Facility bomb plant project manager, John Eschenberg, presented a blunt and simple question:

“We ask you directly: How can you think you have the power to bring us closer to nuclear war? The project you manage endangers the wellbeing of the entire world. While we often think of these threats as huge and impersonal, the truth is they are the result of actions taken by individuals. Each of us bears moral responsibility for what we do.”

An oversized version of the letter was signed by dozens of people at the Action for Peace and Disarmament in Oak Ridge on Saturday, May 2. The full text can be found by following the link below.



Here is the letter to Eschenberg:

Ltr to Eschenberg

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