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May 23, 2020 No Comments ›› orepa


tuesday, may 26 is the deadline for comments on the national nuclear security administration’s latest attempt to authorize continued bomb production in unsafe facilities in oak ridge. we need EVERYONE to send in comments. it is REALLY important.

click this link: FACT SHEET/TALKING POINTS for everything you need to send comments.

don’t have time for that? how about a tthree-line message?

copy the message below, sign it, and send it to:


Dear Ms. Slack:

The NNSA’s Supplement Analysis for the Y-12 weapons plant makes it clear that a Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement is necessary before NNSA proceeds with its enriched uranium plan. It is not acceptable to continue dangerous bomb production operations in unsafe facilities. The risks of devastating environmental impacts in the event of an earthquake are just too great.


thank you!



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