Peacemaker Awards 2014

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Mar 13, 2014 No Comments ›› orepa

In almost every faith community, there are people working to create peace in the world and in their community. The 2014 Peacemaker Awards recognize three faith communities who have distinguished themselves in our community by their consistent and often courageous efforts to live out the beliefs they profess in worship. They provide leadership to many groups working in Knoxville and East Tennessee for social justice; their members are voices for the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged; they open their doors to host countless meetings and gatherings and programs; they provide a safe place for searchers of all ages to explore and discover what it means to be fully human and to live an engaged life surrounded by an accepting community. In these congregations, peacemaking is not a topic for preaching or discussion, it’s an imperative for living.

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance honored Church of the Savior (UCC), the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, and the West Knoxville Friends Meeting at the fifteenth annual Peacemaker Award celebration on Saturday, March 22 at St. James Episcopal Church.

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