No Raise for Failed Management at NNSA

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Mar 5, 2013 No Comments ›› orepa

News trickling out of Washington, DC indicates the Uranium Processing Facility—the flagship nuclear weapons production plant for the “modernized” nuclear weapons complex—is in line for funding increases in the FY2104 budget (as much as $1Billion increase over five years) and in the Continuing Resolution being hashed out right now.

OREPA has prepared a fact sheet outlining the many, many reasons this is a bad idea. Chief among them is the complete failure of NNSA management last year—a culture which rewards repeated failure with a raise is deeply corrupt. Since there is no urgent need for the UPF and they aren’t ready to build yet anyway, Congress should reject pork barrel politics and set a conservative course that matches need with resources.

Please use the fact sheet to contact your elected representatives in Congress and let them know they should start cutting the budget with the UPF.

UPF Fact sheet

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