Day in Court for Y12 Civil Resisters

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Feb 22, 2011 No Comments ›› ralph

Sort of.

The defendants in last July’s civil resistance action at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee will have one of their days in federal court on Friday, March 4, 2011 in Knoxville.

That’s the day federal magistrate Bruce Guyton will hold hearings on the competing motions in the case. Our side is asking the judge to dismiss the case; the government is asking the judge to muzzle the defendants when they come to trial. If they have their way, the jury will not hear any testimony about nuclear weapons, about the motives of the protesters, about civil disobedience, about faith, or about most anything else.

Charles Moxley, an expert on international law and nuclear weapons, will testify at the hearing for the defense. Moxley is expected to provide the court with information on the current status of nuclear weapons in international law; after the hearing, the judge will rule on both motions.

The actual trial is scheduled for May 9.

OREPA will likely hold a media event with Dr. Moxley on Thursday, March 3. Stay tuned for details.

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