Since April, Sunday vigils at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge have been a singular affair—we decided to exercise extreme caution in the face of the coronavirus threat and we established one-person Sunday vigils. Since that time, we have maintained our weekly presence without fail. The Board has now decided that we are […]

Groups challenge bomb plant earthquake analysis

NUCLEAR WATCHDOGS CHALLENGE ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY EARTHQUAKE ANALYSIS “NOT WHAT THE COURT ORDERED” (Knoxville, TN)  The National Nuclear Security Administration received strong pushback from citizen watchdogs in comments sent to the agency on Friday, August 14, 2020, in response to the Final Supplement Analysis (SA) prepared by the agency to analyze the risks of earthquakes on […]

OREPA challenges Final Supplement Analysis

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, along with Nuclear Watch New Mexico, has challenged the National Nuclear Security Administration’s latest justification for the Uranium Processing Facility bomb plant under construction at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In a letter to the Secretary of Energy and the Administrator of the NNSA, OREPA […]

NNSA releases “Final” earthquake study

SUMMARIZES IMPACTS FROM EARTHQUAKES EVEN AS STUDIES TO UNDERSTAND EARTHQUAKE IMPACTS ARE ONGOING The National Nuclear Security Administration has released its Final Supplement Analysis [SA] addressing the earthquake risks at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. As expected, NNSA found it does not need to study earthquake risks any further—except that it […]

Hiroshima/Nagasaki 75

Remembering Hiroshima 75 years later The destruction of Hiroshima, Japan and the death of more than 60,000 of its citizens happened in single instant, unleashed by a weapon the likes of which had never been seen before—the atomic bomb. That destructive force of the Little Boy bomb was enriched uranium, produced in the calutrons of […]