Never again!

For more than seventy-five years, the dominant conversation about nuclear weapons has been about projecting military power and policies of “deterrence” and “mutually assured destruction.” With the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the conversation has shifted. One hundred twenty-two nations of the world have put the nine nuclear nations on […]

Celebrating Juneteenth in Knoxville

When the MLK commission called, OREPA answered. The pandemic rained on our annual MLK parade, but we countered with Juneteenth, and OREPA’s puppets made the scene — in more ways than one. Adding to the festive atmosphere as a steady stream of celebrants stepped in for photo ops with heroes of nonviolence— Martin Luther King, […]

Sunday vigils

For the last twelve years”and counting”OREPA members have gathered on Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm at the gates of the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, TN to witness to peace at the entrance to a plant that plans for the destruction of the planet. We may be playing games, sharing readings, singing”each week is […]

Groups Join OREPA to Challenge Bomb Plant Plans

Seventeen organizations from across the nation and Tennessee have signed on to a letter to the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration challenging the adequacy of the DOE/NNSA’s Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed new bomb plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.   The organizations, which collectively have tens of thousands of members, focus on the […]

OREPA Comments on Y12 Plans for New Bomb Plant

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance submitted formal comments on the Final Y12 Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement on Friday, April 1 and supplemented the comments with an additional letter on Monday, April 4, after the publication of an article detailing seismic concerns about buildings currently being used at Y12 for the production of nuclear weapons […]