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Feb 12, 2015 3 Comments ›› orepa

Meet the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance: click on the continue reading button, then click on the video to play:


  1. Camille Staton says:

    I agree we should stop the appropriations and direct funds for the constructions of a new bomb plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at a cost of $7.5 billion. It is my christian belief that all nuclear weapons should be condemned. We need to witness to our faith and preach Jesus Christ so we can have peace in our world!!

  2. Kim Bergier says:

    Thank you for all who were in or helped make this excellent video! I was moved to tears by the youth declaring their right to a safer world.

    Though I was at most of the events portrayed here, having them compiled in this summation of messages with music in the background re-inspires me.

    I hope everyone reading this comment will join us this coming August 8th for OREPA’s August Action.

    With the help of the Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN) we have put a deposit down on a 56 passenger bus to leave Oak Park, MI on Aug. 7th by 9:30 pm to Oak Ridge, TN. After the full day we will share supper then the Blue Lakes bus will head back to Our Lady of Fatima Church, Oak Park, MI by Aug. 9th am.

    If you want to join the bus contact Peace Action of Michigan, 248-548-3920, peacemichigan@gmail.com

    If you have questions or would prefer joining a car/van-pool contact Kim Bergier, cell 248-515-2380, 2mistnbc@gmail.com

  3. Nancy McFadden says:

    My peaceful quote comes from Baha’u’llah. the founder of the Baha’i
    Faith – this quote is a most important guide for me.

    “This people need no weapons of destruction inasmuch as they girded
    themselves to reconstruct the world. Their hosts are the hosts of goodly
    deeds, and their arms the arms of upright conduct and their commander
    the fear of God.”

    – Baha’u’llah

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