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Mar 26, 2011 7 Comments ›› orepa

The bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945, was born at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Sixty-six years later, on August 6, 2011, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance will mark the Hiroshima bombing with a series of events in Oak Ridge to join our voices with the hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombings, to say “Never Again!”

OREPA’s activities begin at 6:00am with a solemn Names and Remembrance Ceremony at the gates of the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex at the corner of East Bear Creek Road and Scarboro Road. During the ceremony, names of victims of the Hiroshima bombing will be read, along with first hand accounts and other reports of the bomb and its effects. The readings include a petition signed by more than five dozen scientists whose work was instrumental in creating the bomb, including physicists and chemists in Oak Ridge. The Ceremony pauses at 8:15am to mark the time the bomb was dropped in Japan.

At 10:30am, OREPA members and others will gather at Alvin K. Bissell Park in Oak Ridge (Bissell Park is at the corner of the Oak Ridge Turnpike and Tulane Avenue; we will gather at the ampitheatre located behind the library/civic center complex). The March for Nuclear Abolition will leave Bissell Park at 10:45 to walk to the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex.

Shortly after noon, we will convene at Y12 for Never Again! A Call for Nuclear Abolition; peace cranes will be tied to the fence around the bomb plant, and other activities will raise the call of the hibakusha for the world to step away from the nuclear abyss and move toward complete disarmament—the only guarantee that the world will never again know the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


You can help spread the word about the August commemoration in Oak Ridge with this flyer:

august 2011 handout



  1. Kim Bergier says:

    Thanks, I like the idea of a longer program, for it’ll be easier for me to recruit people to travel all the way from Michigan for just August 6th.

    What do you think about a suggestion that people wear black clothes? It would add an element of somber drama, like Women In Black do (& thus in solidarity with them).

    So far we have just 2 cars planning to drive down from Michigan.

    Peace, Kim

  2. Chris Berg says:

    I could not access your August 2011 flyer. Please check the link from your main page. Thanks!

    • orepa says:

      chris and others who are having this problem. until we get it fixed, if you will email me ( or leave a comment here, i will be happy to send you the pdf directly.


  3. Clare Hanrahan says:

    Good seeing you In Asheville. Please do send PDF of flyer to us at above email.

  4. Misaki says:

    Hello! I’m Japanese, living in Maryville.

    I went this event last year.

    I’ll spread to this news for Japanese.
    I’ll go with my Japanese friends !

    Thanks very much!

  5. Kim Bergier says:

    I withdraw my suggestion of wearing black clothes as it will be hot!
    Current weather predictions (for Knoxville) are high 94 and low72. Fortunately “partly cloudy”.

    We are still at 2 cars coming from MI, with 5 women (Barb Smith is new).
    Once I broadcast Record of Decision, along with a last appeal, (and meet with many activists as “Moveable Peace” starts this evening, organized primarily by Kim Redigan- see / ) I’m hoping a van or truck can bring a cloth dove for the march to Y12.

    I look forward to seeing everyone again for an especially important Action.
    Kim Bergier

  6. Clare Hanrahan says:

    Carpool from Asheville. Call Ray Hearne at 828-683-7836

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