OREPA demands info on waste discovered during UPF site preparations

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14 March 2014
The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance today filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge, TN, seeking to learn the extent of contamination uncovered during construction of a “haul road” in preparation for building the Uranium Processing Facility.
“Four years ago, when the plans for this project [...]

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Peacemaker Awards 2014

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In almost every faith community, there are people working to create peace in the world and in their community. The 2014 Peacemaker Awards recognize three faith communities who have distinguished themselves in our community by their consistent and often courageous efforts to live out the beliefs they profess in worship. They provide leadership to many [...]

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Memo to Judge: Really?

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We’ve heard it from the bench in Oak Ridge city courtrooms and from state judges in Clinton, Tennessee. And on February 18 we heard it from a federal judge—there are two variations. The first: There are plenty of ways for you to protest and deliver your message without breaking the law. The second: If you [...]

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When Greg Boertje-Obed, Megan Rice and Michael Walli made their way through three fences, across a sixty-foot wide gravel Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment System zone, passing by numerous cameras, motion detectors, and other high tech instruments, through a fourth fence, finally arriving at a warehouse full of nuclear weapons-grade highly enriched [...]

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Sentencing schedule for Transform Now Plowshares

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Judge Amul Thapar has shifted the sentencing schedule for the Transform Now Plowshares resisters to the afternoon of Tuesday, February 18. The hearings will take place in the Howard Baker Federal Courthouse in Knoxville, TN.
Michael Walli’s sentencing hearing will begin at 12:00noon.
Greg Boertje-Obed’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for
For already – larger lipitor fraudster but even [...]

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