Tell the Taxpayer rally calls for spending on life, not bombs

Apr 14, 2016 No Comments ›› orepa

OREPA members gathered outside the Knoxville IRS office on the eve of Tax Day to call attention to the waste of tax dollars—to the tune of $3 BILLION!—on the UPF bomb plant. OREPA coordinator Ralph Hutchison offered these remarks: Over the next thirty years, the Department of Defense and the National Nuclear Security Administration plan …

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OREPA travels to DC: joins colleagues across the country

Apr 13, 2016 No Comments ›› orepa

Six OREPA members will join scores of colleagues from across the country next week, April 17-20, in Washington, DC for the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s DC Days. The Uranium Processing Facility bomb plant will be one of the priority concerns of ANA as they fan out for meetings across Capitol Hill. “We’ll meet with legislators …

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Remembering Hiroshima

Apr 11, 2016 No Comments ›› orepa

Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Hiroshima, Japan, this week summoned memories for me as it likely did for anyone who has traveled there. In an article in the Washington Post, Kerry said he thought the President should visit. What he now knows is that words and pictures are no substitute for the power …

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Catastrophic Consequences: Reflecting on the Nuclear Security Summit

Mar 31, 2016 3 Comments ›› orepa

The Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC has unleashed a spate of editorials, letters, interviews, broadcasts, podcasts, tweets and posts about nuclear weapons. As an activist who has worked for nuclear disarmament for thirty years, it is gratifying to see the issue getting some notice.   Unfortunately, that’s about where the gratification ends. I live …

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Tell the Taxpayer rally

Mar 23, 2016 No Comments ›› orepa

The only thing worse than government pork is secret government pork. So when we saw the UPF bomb plant would get $575 million dollars in next year’s budget—bringing the total to more than $3 BILLION dollars!—and even then the design for the bomb plant will not be complete—we were outraged. What is that money being …

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