Slide suggests tritium “need” overstated, pollution of Tenn River gratuitous

Sep 11, 2014 No Comments ›› orepa

“It means nothing. It’s notional.” That was the response of Curtis Chambellan, document manager for the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Production of Tritium in a Commercial Light Water Reactor. I was asking about a slide from a presentation the National Nuclear Security Administration had made to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission earlier in the …

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OREPA Newsletter, September 2014

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More tritium for bombs in Watts Bar reactor; latest on the UPF; and more! Click “continue reading” and then click through the links (twice) to read OREPA’s September newsletter: OREPA news web 8.14

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Step by Step: Understanding Tritium at Watts Bar

Aug 20, 2014 2 Comments ›› orepa

Understanding the Plan to continue production of nuclear weapons tritium at Watts Bar one step at a time: 1. The United States demolished the long-standing and internationally recognized wall between commercial and military nuclear power when it decided to produce tritium (a special isotope of hydrogen—H3) for nuclear weapons at the Watts Bar reactor in …

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Tritium Fact Sheet and Talking Points Available

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You can download OREPA’s fact sheet (with information about how to submit comments or attend a public hearing, and including talking points!) by clicking through the links here until the pdf shows up! Public comment period ends September 22, 2014. H3 fact sheet color 2014

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A Letter the Washington Post won’t print

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OREPA Coordinator Ralph Hutchison sent this letter to the Washington Post in response to an OpEd piece by two former National Security Advisers who offered a frail defense of the policy of deterrence and US/NATO nuclear weapons in Europe. ==== Editor, The Washington Post: Scowcroft and Hadley, et al, in their August 17 Washington Post …

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