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Remembering Hiroshima

Jul 1, 2013 No Comments ›› orepa

Join OREPA for our annual Names and Remembrance Ceremony at the gates of the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex

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OREPA asks Senator Alexander to take action on UPF

Jun 18, 2013 No Comments ›› orepa

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance today released a letter written by OREPA over the signatures of the entire Board of Directors to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander asking him to take action to constrain funding for the Uranium Processing Facility until significant questions about the need, management, and security of the project are resolved. The [...]

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Does a factory that makes nuclear weapons really need to be secure?

Jun 10, 2013 2 Comments ›› orepa

Does a factory that makes nuclear weapons really need to be secure?
Apparently not.
When three peace activists penetrated the inner sanctum of the US nuclear weapons complex in the Transform Now Plowshares action at Y12 in July 2012, investigations were launched, Congress held hearings, people were fired or reassigned, workers were retrained (and got caught trying [...]

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UPF Update – June 2013

Jun 7, 2013 No Comments ›› orepa

The latest UPF Update traces the cost trajectory for the Uranium Processing Facility and takes note of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander’s statement that he has “had it with these DOE projects that start out costing $1 billion and end up costing $6 billion.” You can find the June UPF UPDate here:
UPF update June 2013 web

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UPF Update

May 16, 2013 No Comments ›› orepa

A streamlined fact sheet on the current status of the UPF and issues pending. Please feel
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