Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander: stop funding UPF

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Jun 18, 2013 2 Comments ›› orepa

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance today released a letter written by OREPA over the signatures of the entire Board of Directors to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander asking him to take action to constrain funding for the Uranium Processing Facility until significant questions about the need, management, and security of the project are resolved. The text of the letter can be found here:


OREPA Letter to Lamar 2013


  1. Kim Joy Bergier says:

    Great news about Lamar questioning the over-budget costs of plans for the new UPF & that OREPA was able to release this important letter!
    But the link above to the letter is not working.
    If my computer is the only one unable to open this then what might be blocking it from opening? I’ll look for it via e-mail.

  2. David Corcoran says:

    Stop funding y-12 and all other nuclear facilities!

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