Groups Join OREPA to Challenge Bomb Plant Plans

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Apr 5, 2011 2 Comments ›› ralph

Seventeen organizations from across the nation and Tennessee have signed on to a letter to the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration challenging the adequacy of the DOE/NNSA’s Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed new bomb plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


The organizations, which collectively have tens of thousands of members, focus on the seismic conditions underlying the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex. A March 31, 2011 article in the Knoxville News-Sentinel contained the admission of a DOE spokesman that current facilities do not meet current requirements for earthquake resistance.


A copy of the letter, with signatures as of April 6, is here: SWEIS sign on ltr


Groups and organizations can still sign on to the letter by emailing OREPA at or by leaving a message in the comments on this web site. All that is required is the name of the contact person, name and city/state of the organization.


  1. To spend billions of dollars in the pursuit of atomic weapons is against sanity and morals. The act dooms ourselves, our children, and our world to the strong possibility of a grim death and endless pain in atomic war and winter. The race to atomic weapon superiority arises from fear and the drive to control by force that only kills. Cooperation for peace and justice is not a silly idea, but is essential for a world that will nurture all life. We are supposed to live in the “land of the free and home of the brave.” To continue participation in the atomic arms race is to prove that a lie. Do not fund the atomic bomb plant in Tennessee, or anywhere.

  2. Cinny Poppen says:

    Please add our name to the list: Appalachian Peace Education Center, Abingdon, VA. We look forward to seeing you at the demonstration on April 16.
    Cinny Poppen, staff

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