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These are a few of our friends, if we have left you out, please fill out the form below:


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  1. I came to your site directed by a link suggested at the ccjp web site. I very much enjoyed browsing your work and have known of you for some time through my friend Erik and Libby Johnson. I thought you might want to reciprocate with ccjp. Tom Feamster

  2. sonny williams says:

    gordan lee maham,age 96,died tuesday afternoon at his home from heat stroke. for information cal 513 385 8923. on his farm is in hamilton county,ohio. he helped shut down fernald in1989 after the fernald 5,were arrested for blocking the entrance to the plant. shut oak ridge down.

  3. Mary Paquette says:

    I appreciate all that is being done to bring this to the forefront of peoples minds. I cannot believe that national news ignores it. Greg, Megan and Michael are courageous and I will keep their sentencing in my prayers.

  4. Jean Reif Robinson says:

    Thanks for all your good works. I hope to join you some Sundays in Oak Ridge. The birthday party this month was the first time I discovered what you are all about. Do you email us for upcoming events?

  5. Irucka Embry says:

    Thank you for continuing your great work. When I was in school at UT in Knoxville I used to participate in OREPA actions. I am glad to see that OREPA still exists.

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