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Jun 12, 2017 1 Comment ›› orepa

Thanks to these great people for their contributions to the Defining Moment Legal Defense Fund to stop the UPF bomb plant. If you haven’t given yet, you can join them—every gift counts no matter how large or small the amount!


Larry Osborne
Don Clark
Judith Mohling
Alice Slater
George Webber
Rick Wayman
Stephen Clements
Sharon Annis
Mitzi Wood-Von Mizener
Susan Gordon
Lee Ann Swarm
Sandra Cuffe
Nevada Desert Experience
Colleen Ahern-Hettich
Stephen Clemens
Cora Wiser
Sadako Sasaki House (Norfolk Catholic Worker)
Kansas City Peaceworks
Mark Heald
Mary Pendleton
Juidth Bjorkman
Geoffrey Hennies
Jack and Felice Cohen-Joppa
John Nolt
Matthew Pamental
Cody Slama
Kim Joy Bergier
Anabel Dwyer
Vic and Gail Macks
Brenda Bell
Kathleen Rude
Bickley Craven
Mary Johnson Rockers
Mary Bryan
Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Glenn Carroll
Lisa Crawford
Ann Suellentrop
Louise Gorenflo
Louis Kavar
Hideko Tamura
Christine Shepardson
Jim Rugh
Denise Duffield
Karen Wolf
Don Clark
Beth Rosdatter
Dorothy Ritter
Betty Coleman
Christina Bovinette
Anne McMenamin
Lew and Jeanne Patrie


  1. Happy to add my name here. Didn't ask Pay Palmto do so. says:

    Donating makes me feel better in what can be a dispiriting fight against the UPF. I know I am in excellent company. Betty

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