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The 2018 East Tennessee Peacemaker Awards will celebrate the lives and work of five amazing women who are the foundation of the next generation of peace and justice leadership—and you’re invited to the celebration!

Summer Awad, Carmella Cole, and Meghan Conley are young women who represent the next, emerging generation of peacemakers. They have used their time, energy, creativity, and intellect in pursuit of justice and peace. Kathie Shiba and Mitzi Wood-Von Mizener have and continue to devote their lives to preparing young people to take on the responsibilities of leading us to a better world. We are honored to be able to recognize these five committed women, who together imbue the future with hope, with this year’s Peacemaker Awards.

The celebration will be Saturday, February 24, at St. James Episcopal Church, 1101 N Broadway, in Knoxville, TN. We will start at 7:00pm with heavy hors d’oeuvres. Music will be provided by Jack Herranen and The Emancipators.

The Peacemaker Award celebration is a fundraiser; proceeds will benefit OREPA’s Next Generation Fund. We are asking for a $25 donation for adults, $5 for students and children, $50 per family. You can pay at the door, or use the donate button on this page, or send a check to OREPA at P O Box 5743, Oak Ridge, TN 37831.

We are asking folks to RSVP (you can email orep@earthlink.net) by February 17.

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